Ann Vole (annvole) wrote in art_challenge,
Ann Vole

The vole challenge number 2, short leg walking

I love animating but I have not done any for a very long time. What better thing to do then an animation related challenge!

In Ursula's featured deviation "Da Pimphog"
she made a character with very short legs. Short legs are fascinating to animate because they are not as cut and dry as a longer legged figure because you can just move the legs and arms "stick-figure" style and worry about the extra stuff later but with a short legged figure, the whole body changes shape when the character puts a leg in front of the other. For animated walk sequences there is really only one extreme and that is where the feet are the furthest apart in the walking sequence. The second extreme is the exact same pose but with the opposite foot forward. This activity is good for any artist who wishes to draw characters or animals and not just for animators. You likely want dynamic or action poses for visual interest.

Today's challenge will be to draw that one extreme for a short legged character of your choosing. Getting the opposite extreme and doing it in more then one angle for that pose (side, front, top-down, 3/4 view, looking up through a glass floor, etc) are the bonus activities. If you are stuck for a character, you could do Da Pimphog or draw a walking a sack of flour like most animators are trained to animate first (the corners of the sack become legs usually).

One big hint with the pose is the arms swing the opposite way as the legs so when the right foot is most forward, the left arm is most forward (and vice versa). Also note that the feet are usually with the back foot on the ball of the foot and the heel off the ground while the front foot is on the heel of the foot but the rest of the front foot is still off the ground.
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