Ann Vole (annvole) wrote in art_challenge,
Ann Vole

Vole challenge 3, laughing your liver out

Here we have Ursula's tasteful drawing of an internal organ and giving us a pun.

The challenge is to do the same: draw an internal organ and include a pun (or visual gag). Bonus points for making the internal organ look beautiful or for making cleaver multiple puns.
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Organ-ized tour

LOL, Very good! Very funny!

I have several ideas but I was not sure which to do so I was holding back (most are double puns but I came up with a triple pun I can join up with a double pun but they were weak puns that might need explaining (medical and biological terms mixed with animal husbandry terms) or are hard to draw (eg large crowd of hearts holding things and they are in various positions like sitting, kneeling, bowing and lifting)
I had another idea, but harder to illustrate. The 'third stomach' in ruminants is called the omassum or "butcher's book". It houses a multitude of laminate folds through which the ungulate recuperates water flowing from the rumen-reticulum. My ideas varied from butchers reading these "books" during their break to several library shelves packed with butcher's books... In the end, RBC's out hot-spleen ballooning was easier to draw.

I'll be back to see what you come up with. ^_^
I am swampped with life problems and studying so things are on a bit of a hold for a few days. There is a guy who predicts weather by biting a pig's spleen to get a reading of what the weather will be like. I think I will do my idea with the hearts so here are three comics I found featuring hearts:
Post when you can. I'll try to keep up. 8^)