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Ann Vole

Revival for myself if Ursula does not mind.

I was looking for an art challenge, with the idea that if I could not find one, I would make one on a LiveJournal. Here is one that already exists and has a great name and is connected with my favorite and most idea-inspiring artist I know of, the incredible Ursula Vernon. Until someone tells me to go elsewhere, I will post a daily challenge to be a sketch or other quickly done item. If I start doing more challenging stuff, I might post a weekly or monthly bigger challenge. Join me or make your own challenges or direct us to other art challenge sites to follow instead.

For today's challenge: I was looking at Ursula's awesome painting of a chipmunk taking a photo of the biting pear:
and noticed the giraffes were the same shape as the lighthouse. I thought that was cool and cleaver so the challenge is to draw an animal and an architectural item that have the same shape with bonus points for having a good connection between the animal and the architectural item (not required though because I see no reason why the giraffes and the light house look the same or even a reason to be in the picture at all of the inspiration for this challenge).

I will say there is no time limit because you can post your results with the challenge... the faster you go though, the higher up your post will be (assuming anybody beyond me participates)

p.s. I will generally find inspiration for my challenges from Ursula's stuff but not necessarily so but simply because my best ideas come from looking at her stuff.
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